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The Acres Foundation:

Creators of The Green Acres

The Acres Foundation is an educational think tank that brings together the finest educators to chart out new pathways in education. We leverage innovations in teaching from around the world that have a solid basis in learning science, proven efficacy in the classroom and substantiation from top academics from across the world, to create the next generation of educational approaches that work for the Indian context.

The Acres Foundation is the team behind the highly acclaimed The Green Acres Academy, Mumbai’s top emerging school, which has expanded to 3 campuses across Mumbai.

The Acres Foundation board members:
Rohan Parikh

M. Ed., Johns Hopkins University


B. Sc. Econ., The Wharton School of Business Managing

Director, The Acres Foundation

Dr. Siamack Zahedi

D. Ed., Johns Hopkins University

M. Ed. Columbia University

Co-CEO and Director of Education & Research, The Acres Foundation

Romil Parikh

B.Sc., Indiana University

Joint Managing Director, The Acres Foundation

Prof. Aaditya Lohana

Founder, Lohana’s Test Series

Executive Director, The Acres Foundation

Tejas Parekh

Masters in Marketing & Management, Southampton School

Co-CEO and Director of Operations, The Acres Foundation

Leadership of Seven Rivers International:
Kavita Sukhani

Head of School, Seven Rivers International School

MA, International Education, University of Bath

HoD, Founding Teacher, Ecole Mondiale World School

Founding Head of School, NEXT School (IB)

The Acres Foundation Team
Anuj Iyer

M. Ed. Harvard University

Head of Learning & Innovations, The Acres Foundation

Sanyukta Bafna

M. Ed., Teachers College (Specialization in Curriculum & Teaching), Columbia University

Head of Citizenship Program, The Acres Foundation

Pooja Harlalka

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

M.Ed., Teachers College, Columbia University

M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University

Head of Special Education Needs, The Acres Foundation